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Most people - more than 78%, in fact - prefer to pay with credit or debit cards. This includes when they make government payments for things like taxes, permits, court fees, tickets and more.

Unfortunately, many payment processors make it far too costly and complex - not to mention risky - for government agencies to accept payments the way constituents want to pay. That's why we built LexisNexis Payment Solutions.


We believe payments should be easy for your residents and businesses to make - and for you to accept and process. 

Here's how we do it.

A holistic approach to improving the payment process.

We're always looking for ways to improve the experience for both your agency and the people you serve. Here are some of the most important ways we do that.

Security comes standard.


Your constituents expect security - and we ensure you can deliver with every transaction. Each point-of-sale site is independently credentialed to reduce fraud. We go above and beyond Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), with 17 independent audits each year to ensure data and physical security.

Some important terms to know when you select a payment processor.

PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, a set of comprehensive requirements that enhance data security and help to consistently protect cardholder data.

EMV - Also called "chip and pin," this technology authenticates cards at the point of sale, making it harder to create duplicate cards.

SOC 2 Standards - Set of standards set by the American Institute of Public Accountants based on five trust standards: availability, security, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.


You don't have to change your processes or accounting methods to work with us. We meet you where you are, and deliver the payment options, equipment, software integration and reporting you need.


Whether your constituents pay by phone, online, at the counter, kiosk or through the mail, we've got you covered - and we deliver same-day settlements, guaranteed, to streamline your agency's cash flow.


With LexisNexis Payment Solutions, we own the merchant IDs and handle all disputes and chargebacks, taking on the hassle and liability so you don't have to.


We'll help you build a cost model that fits how your agency works. You can pass costs on to your residents through service fees, absorb the entire costs, or anywhere in between.

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